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To master life you must master building relationships. Humans exist to connect with others. Building strong relationships allows us to grow in every area that matters.

I help people understand what’s going on internally and with others around them so that they can thrive everywhere from from the boardroom to the bedroom.

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A top corporate and association speaker, Jon shares life-changing approaches to building stronger relationships. His humorous style and infectious positivity are present throughout Jon’s presentations on relationships, emotional intelligence, resilience, team building, and navigating conflict.

Ideas that stick

The “wow” factor for your event

Harvard’s leading study on happiness conducted over 70 years has shown that the key to happiness in life is the quality of the relationships that we form. Jon’s talks provide audiences with tools to both heal broken relationships and build new connections.

Emotional Intelligence

Understanding what makes people tick is at the core of fostering strong relationships. From the boardroom to the bedroom, emotional intelligence is at the core of relationships.

Building Resilience

Understanding the key points of friction in yourself and how to overcome them grows a thick armor of resiliency that allows you to attack any goal you set your sights on.

Resolving Conflict

Conflict can kill teams and provide barriers to growth. Understanding why and how conflict escalates arms you with the tools you need to diffuse difficult situations.

Relationship Expert

Meet Jon

Dr. Jon Dabach is a couples therapist and relationship expert with over a decade of experience and has helped thousands in his private practice. As the host of one of the world’s most successful podcasts on relationships, he captivates millions. With a background at Nickelodeon, MTV, VH1, and performances at the Magic Castle, Jon Dabach’s unique blend of expertise and entertainment leaves a lasting impression, making him the go-to corporate speaker for emotional intelligence in the workplace.

Signature Keynotes & Presentations

Conquering Rejection:
Understanding the core of all negative emotion

A week into his marriage, Jon was already sleeping on the couch. His dreams of having a storybook romance and growing a happy family were suddenly replaced by feelings of rejection. Struggling with this, Jon’s mental and emotional health took a sharp decline, his focus and productivity dwindled to nothing, and the money spent on six different therapists in three months put a real financial strain on his new family. Sadly, Jon’s experience with rejection is not unique. Nearly all negative emotions and struggles in our human experience are linked to rejection or feelings of failure. It happens with our partners, employer, peers, and colleagues. However, the number one mistake most people make is not understanding the positive role that rejection plays. Uncovering how rejection actually works is the secret to building healthier relationships and thriving in all aspects of life.


  • Awareness of the six main life areas susceptible to rejection
  • Recognize the unhealthy ways that most people respond to rejection
  • Techniques to shift perspective, positively handle, and grow from rejection
  • When rejection is necessary, how to employ effective communication tools
  • Building a culture of resilience and growth in times of disagreement

Stories that move

Inspiring Concepts

The best way to ensure real change is to inspire people to take action. As a couples therapist with over a decade of experience, Jon knows firsthand how to blend moving stories with powerful data to inspire people to move out of their comfort zone. Jon knows all too well how hard it can be for people to form new habits, no matter how healthy they may be, so he breaks down his prescription for change in bite-size chunks that people feel empowered to take on.


Tools that work

Unlike many therapists or speakers, Jon doesn’t believe in drawn-out introspective exercises that take up hours of time. The tools that Jon shares are actionable, down-to-earth, and memorable.  Priding himself on keeping things simple and direct, Jon’s goal is always to get to the core of what creates palpable change in people’s lives and to disregard the fluff that often gets thrown in.

Host of the wildly successful podcast

Relationship Revival with Dr. Jon

Dr. Jon Dabach is the host of one of the world’s leading podcasts on relationships “Relationship Revival.” Each episode he dives into a captivating world of emotional connections and life-changing insights, drawing from personal experiences and professional expertise. With a treasure trove of wisdom from all-star relationship expert guests, each episode is a journey of self-discovery and growth. Millions of listeners have already experienced the magic of this extraordinary podcast, as they embark on a voyage towards healthier, more fulfilling relationships. 

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