First of all, I’m thrilled you want to reach out to me. It’s always nice to meet readers of the blog. In an effort to answer any questions you might have before contacting me, I’ve put together some information below for you to review. If you still want to contact me after reading through that list, then by all means, fill out the contact form below.

Do you invest or can you raise money for my movie?
I personally do not invest in independent films. I just don’t have the means to do so. I do occasionally invest my time on helping writers or directors develop projects to get them in their best shape before going out to raise funds though. If you’d like me to consider working on your film as a writer or producer, pitch me the logline and your background in film (even if you’re just starting).

Can you read my script and give me feedback?
Unfortunately, I just do not have the time to read every script that comes my way. If you’re interested in hiring me to give you notes on your material or help you develop your script so that it’s ready for production/funding I’m happy to talk to you about those services.

Will you watch my movie?
I try to watch at least a few minutes of anything people send me. It might take me a little while to get around to it, but I promise I’ll watch at least a part of it. Keep in mind that opinions are subjective though – this is art. Jennifer Lawrence only watched 3 minutes of Phantom Thread before turning off her academy screener and that was a PT Anderson movie.

Can I work with you?
If you’re in the LA area and want to work as part of a crew on one of my movies, I’m always looking to meet new passionate filmmakers. Send me your info and background and what roles you can fill and if there’s an opening for you on the next project I’ll definitely keep you in mind.

Will you cast me in your movie?
Please please please do not contact me if you are an actor looking to be cast in something. If I have a project we are casting for I promise I will write a post about it to give you guys a heads up but blanket emailing me headshots just to keep you in mind is the best way for me to not cast you in the future. My inbox is already full of stuff I didn’t ask to be sent, don’t be another one of those spammy actors – you’re better than that.

Can I produce/invest in one of your films?
It’s definitely possible that we have another project coming up that can use some more funding (they can all use more funding). I love meeting new producers who want to be part of the team.

Can I read some of your scripts/watch your movies?
Periodically I post links to pdfs of my scripts on the website. If you’ve found one, you are free to download it and read it. If my film is not currently available to watch on VOD somewhere then I do not send out screeners to anyone – it’s just a bad idea. Unless you are a sales agent or distributor of record, please don’t ask me for free screeners of anything we’ve done.