I send out a free email newsletter about once a week (but I’m not 100% consistent about it). The newsletter is for the people who are a little further along in their process of making films or want to start getting a little more serious about their craft. The newsletter doesn’t have any op-eds on film or the business unless it pertains directly to making or distributing your movie.

Being a subscriber to my newsletter is also the best way to communicate with me. My newsletter subscribers get first dibs on any questions and direct email access to me in case you guys have any questions. In fact, the first thing I ask all of my subscribers to do is introduce themselves and tell me what kind of topics you want to hear about.

With all that in mind, If you’re just a film fan and don’t intend on making your own movie then this newsletter probably isn’t for you.

To give you an idea of the kind of things I talk about in my newsletters here are a few topics that I am thinking of covering.

  1. How to find a great writer for your independent film if you’re a new director
  2. Sample postings of Craigslist ads I’ve used to find amazing crew
  3. Some ways to network with other filmmakers you haven’t thought of yet
  4. What you should be doing before you even write your script to set yourself up for a profitable film
  5. Types of roles you can actually get name actors to play
  6. How to cold call agents and managers so they actually respond to you
  7. 5 Tricks to getting into film festivals
  8. Ways indie filmmakers waste money
  9. Essential gear for your film
  10. How to market your commercial film business

If these types of topics seem like they would benefit you than I would like to invite you to join. And if they don’t, no hard feelings. I hope there’s stuff here on my blog that still entertains you.