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Jon Dabach, PhD is a top-rated podcaster and acclaimed couples therapist and expert in human relationships. Dr. Jon specializes in empowering his audiences through motivating stories that teach resilience, emotional intelligence, and building solid relationships.

Saving hundreds of marriages from divorce, Jon has seen people at their most vulnerable and has showed them how to conquer the unhealthy patterns that stands between them and living their best life.

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Conquering Rejection: Understanding the core of all negative emotion

A week into his marriage Jon was already sleeping on the couch. His dreams of having a storybook romance and growing a happy family started to crumble before his eyes. The rejection he felt shortly after his wedding sent Jon to four different couples therapists and two individual therapists in the span of three months. Sadly, Jon’s experience with rejection is not unique. Nearly all negative emotions in the human experience are linked to rejection. From the bedroom to the boardroom, all relationships suffer from a lack of understanding of the role rejection plays. Uncovering the way rejection works allows people to have healthier relationships and thrive in all aspects of life. As a couples therapist with over a decade of experience, Jon teaches how to conquer rejection whether it’s at home, at work or in school.


  • The six areas of life susceptible to rejection
  • Recognizing the unhealthy ways you respond to rejection¬†
  • Communicating your rejection so it’s effectively heard
  • Inspiring a culture of resilience in your work/school/home
  • When rejection is necessary, learning how to soften it